Dear Children,

I want to thank you for coming into my life and being with me on my journey. You are all a blessing and an inspiration to me. Your being in my life has taught me as much as I have taught you.
As you are coming into adulthood I have been noticing that somewhere along the way I didn’t teach you all I would have liked to have taught you. There seem to be some gaps in your life learning. I guess this happens to the best of us, but I soooo wanted to be able to teach you more than I have been able to do so up to this point. Since life gets in the way of a lot of teaching and learning moments I have decided to put down in writing all the things I think are important for you to know.
Remember that each of you is unique. You have a unique perspective on life. Do not give up this special outlook. Remember that what I have decided to believe in my life may not be what you end up believing in your life, but I will always love you, no matter what you choose to believe.
Throughout my life I have studied many books, magazines and website articles, not to mention all the programs I have downloaded, tapes and CD’s I have waded through, church sessions I have attended, retreats I have immersed myself in, and last but not least the day to day daily grind of learning things the hard way. We all learn as we go throughout our lives. That is inevitable. Life is the greatest experiment of all. Everyday we experiment with new things. We search for new answers, new ways to do things. We study our newly accumulated data and then we undertake new adventures. Our brain is just programmed this way. This searching and learning is something we have to do, but there is so much to learn that even in a whole lifetime of learning we could never learn it all.
In ancient cultures the older people were revered for their wisdom. It has become my belief that in our society we neglect the wisdom of the elders. Why? Think about it for a moment……all those years of learning, studying, growing. How much these people must have learned? Why do we in this society choose to ignore this vast storehouse of wisdom? I implore you children to listen to the wisdom of your elders, starting with me of course. “wink” “wink”….yes, you will continue to have to learn, but think about how much further along you would be if you could skip half of that learning because you learned it from someone else? You will have to still experiment with things, but learning from your elders can surely speed up your learning curve.
I am going to throw out some ideas for contemplation and change. Take them and mold them, meld them into something workable for you. These ideas are to spark excitement and move you off your couch. Without movement these ideas are no better than the television you are used to watching.

This blog will be letters to you, for you, and for anyone else who can benefit from the ideas I will put forth.


About willowmysttoo

I am a single mother of seven children....learning internet marketing and teaching others as I go. I am a life coach. That is my passion. I love to help others achieve their goals in life. Check out my blogs and websites....happy learning!
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