So, Why ARE we here?

Why are we here?

There are many opinions out there as to why we are here on this earth. What is our purpose? Is there a purpose?

In this day and age we are a nation on autopilot. We go to work. Passively sit at a desk all day. We groggily drive home. Robotic, we sit and watch TV. We pop our TV dinner in the oven and wait for it to cook. Or we open a myriad of boxes, dump them in water, stir for a few seconds and voila….dinner. We spend an hour or 2 with the kids doing homework before we stagger off to bed to get a few hours sleep before we have to do it all over again.

Drug use and crime is at an all time high. Gangs roam our streets making people afraid to go out at night. Children are shooting other children at school. Even our malls and shopping centers aren’t safe to visit any more. A simple act of watching a movie could turn out deadly.

More and more people are overweight. More and more and more people are on anti-depressants. Even more people remain undiagnosed. That doesn’t even include all the other ailments that are also on the rise: cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, autism, chronic fatigue syndrome and that is just the beginning of the list.

The most physical work people do is on the week ends when we get out and do yard work and some of us make the kids do that. Some people do get out and go to the gym, some of us jog, some of us go boating or camping on the weekends….in the SUMMER! Some of us even make ourselves get out in the winter, we have discovered skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. But an overwhelming numbers of us just stay home. It is easier and cheaper. Some don’t have the energy, some just don’t have the money.

We are in all actuality a very bored society. What has happened to us? Where we always like this? Is there any hope for us? Are we doomed to this boring existence? As your mother is there anything that I can do to help you out of this “normal” life?

It breaks my heart to see you all so bored and depressed, watching television, playing video games or surfing the web, all day long. I don’t want this life for you. I have a greater vision for you. My vision for you includes you traveling, creating, finding your passions, discovering the peace, joy and contentment I know that live is supposed to bring us.

I discovered a long time ago that we are here to learn to be happy. That may seem like a very simple statement but when you start actually trying to do it, it becomes much more complicated than that. That is the main focus of this blog. All the articles in it will be a different angle on how to bring happiness into your life.

Happiness is our true state of being. Just look at a little child. The smallest things can make him laugh. That is the way we should all be. So comfortable with who we are, so confident in ourselves that we can laugh. Children laugh around 300 times a day and adults only laugh about 15 times a day or less. Adults use their brain to first comprehend humor and then laugh. Children’s laughter comes straight from the body and does not make use of any intellectual capacity of the brain. This clearly indicates that the source of laughter is within the body.

We have forgotten how to be happy. We get so caught up in the day to day hardships that we forget that life was meant to be lived. If we aren’t living…truly living…being happy everyday, then what is the point of life? I believe that we were meant to learn to be happy, to remember how to be happy. We start out happy, that is the way we are supposed to be, but somewhere along the way we lose it, probably due to our upbringing and society in general. I propose that we need to find this happiness and live our lives with it close to our hearts and never lose it again. This is the purpose of life, according to me.  🙂


About willowmysttoo

I am a single mother of seven children....learning internet marketing and teaching others as I go. I am a life coach. That is my passion. I love to help others achieve their goals in life. Check out my blogs and websites....happy learning!
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