We are Powerful!

We are Powerful!

People are wonderful, awesome and amazing! Have you ever noticed that? Did you ever stop and realize that the human being is just so cool? Look at the way our bodies function. We feed them junk food over and over again and they keep on functioning, thought not as well as if they were fed wholesome food. Our bodies heal themselves. Our bodies have air-conditioning units, heating units, elimination systems, on-board computers, audio and video components, and much much more. We are amazing. Hands down, bar none..amazing.


Our thoughts are Powerful!

Our thoughts create our reality. How powerful is that? If we chose to think positive uplifting thoughts our reality becomes positive. Our life starts to change for the better. Things look brighter. The bills become less burdensome, the flat tire is more manageable, and the 1/2 gallon of water that your grandson spilled on the floor becomes less of a disaster. Our positive thoughts start making good things appear in our lives. The new (meaning new to me 🙂  ) dryer that we need suddenly gets found for a reasonable price. The boards you need for a repair appear on craigslist in the free section. The couch that you have been needing, and living without, also appears at a super low price. Life starts to fall into place, the “good” starts out weighing the “bad”.

Our words are Powerful!

We inspire other people with our words! Just listen to other people! What they say can either inspire you in a good way or bring you down…either way the words are powerful. I think it goes without saying that we need to watch who we listen to, we need to pick awesome people to listen too! If we listen to uplifting audios and videos everyday we can have a powerful impact on our own lives. These audios go into our sub-consciousness and help reprogram our thinking. They help us create the kind of life we want to live. Become the kind of people we want to become. Pick powerful people to be in your life. If you are around negative people all the time, what do you think you will be thinking? If you want an awesome powerful life you must pick awesome powerful people to hang around. People who will lift you up and inspire you. People who will over look your weaknesses and focus on your strengths.

We also need to watch how we talk. Every day we can either be an asset or a detriment in other people’s lives. Watch what you say…and how you say it. Use powerful uplifting words. This not only helps us, it helps others. We have the power to assist others in their creations, just by being the awesome people that we are and setting a great example. I can’t wait to assist others in making their lives awesome. I look forward to working with some truly amazing, powerful people in the months to come.


About willowmysttoo

I am a single mother of seven children....learning internet marketing and teaching others as I go. I am a life coach. That is my passion. I love to help others achieve their goals in life. Check out my blogs and websites....happy learning!
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2 Responses to We are Powerful!

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  2. joedalio says:

    It’s sad to know that most people have no clue about how powerful they really are. Thanks for sharing this message and helping to spread this positive word : )

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