My Ticket to Freedom

What is Freedom?

I believe that freedom means different things for different people, thought we often have a lot of the same basic ideas. So for the sake of this blog I am going to focus on what it means to me.  There are 3 basic things that I feel I must have in order to be free. This may be age old but it still applies to me…Freedom is doing what you want, with whom you want, when you want! Let me explain…..

Freedom is doing what you want

So for me doing what I want would include the following…..I home school my children and with the freedom to do what I want I would be able to take more time with them, go more places with them. I would totally be traveling to places when we studied about them…ok maybe not ALL the places but major places. I would be able to further pursue my gardening, greenhouse, aquaponics, homesteading, permaculture and sustainability interests. I also love to travel and have high hopes of being able to see the world, real soon!I do not like being accountable to someone else in order to earn a living and a low one at that…..being trapped day after day after day with only peanuts to show for it is @#$*%. This has to end! I need my Freedom.

Freedom is being with whom you want to be with

That one is pretty easy….I want to be with my children and grandchildren and some day I hope to find a nice partner with whom I can spend my new found time. Now since my children are in 2 different states at this point in time I am currently finding it difficult to visit. The last time I say my granddaughter she was 2 weeks old…look at her now!


Do you think I missed a little time!!!!

Freedom is doing things when you want to do them!

The keyword here being WHEN, of course….I want to be able to see my children and grandchildren before they are full grown. I want to travel the world while I still have the ability to see it, feel it, engage it. I want to do what I want to do and I want to do it NOW!

So tiny bit of background on me and my situation….I am currently a single mother of 7 children, 5 of which still live with me along with my 18 month old grandson. 2 sons live in Utah, one on his own with his wife and daughter (see above) and the other lives with his dad, by his choice, he is 16.

My 3 daughters work at night delivering newspapers to make enough money to be able to pay the bills. I am working at internet marketing in order to try to get free from this highly stressful, totally limiting, going absolutely nowhere, dead end job. Everyone I know tells us to get a “real” job. They do not understand MLM or even internet marketing at all and think I am wasting my time. But I have faith! I understand there is learning curve and I work at this stuff all day long…between interruptions from my grandson.


So I find myself in position where I need to earn some money in order to spend some money….an amount that my daughters and I cannot make with our current occupation….for those of you with Empower Network you will know what I mean when I say I need to “Get all In”….If you do not know what I am talking about you will want to click on this link: FREEDOM! and join us on our journey.

Now in order to fund this wonderful project I am selling these awesome Dream Catchers that I make….I have them for sale here:


All proceeds from the sale of these dream catchers will go towards getting all in, in the Empower Network. Then, once I am all in, I know I will be able to start grabbing my Freedom!




About willowmysttoo

I am a single mother of seven children....learning internet marketing and teaching others as I go. I am a life coach. That is my passion. I love to help others achieve their goals in life. Check out my blogs and websites....happy learning!
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