HI! My name is Deborah.

I am the mother of 7 wonderful children. They are my world, my joy, my life. They are now in the process of producing grandchildren, 2 so far, who will be just as loved. Aidyn is 16 months as of Feb. 2013, and Leah is 14 months old. They are both so cute!

Who am I?    Good question!    Who is anyone?    I can tell you what I like to do, is that who I am?    I can tell you my life history.   Is that who I am?    I can tell you my beliefs or my evolving thoughts.     Is that who I am?   Good questions all……

Well here is a short history of “Who I am” .

So I was born in California and I was raised in the Western United States. We moved just about every year. I grew up and got married. I had 5 children and was pregnant with my 6th child when my husband decided to move on with his life….without me and the children. So I learned how to exist without a man…..for a few months. Then I got together with someone who taught me a lot. We had one more child, my 7th, his 3rd. This relationship didn’t work for me so I moved on. We remain good friends. Again, I learned how to exist without a partner. I moved in with my mother and grandmother and my children got to know them just in the nick of time. Within 2 years of living with them my grandmother passed away. Within 3 years my mother also passed away. Now I felt really alone. My major support, my mother, was gone.

So about this time I moved in with another man. Boy was that a learning experience, one that didn’t last very long either. Again I am alone, except for the universe which is my constant companion. The one thing I can count on for excellent advise, love and support. Oh, and my children, can’t forget them!

I love gardening, farming, sewing, spirituality, reading, writing, philosophy, herbal and alternative healing just to name a few. There are too many things to list them all…:)


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