Dream Big

Why do we need to DREAM BIG? What is the big deal with dreaming big? Why do people keep telling you you need to dream big? Do you have a clue? I have heard so many people say that they don’t want to have a dream, because then they aren’t  disappointed. No dreams, no hopes, no desires? How can a person live that way? I guess it is one type of existence, a rather boring one, but I guess it is safe.

Why you should dream big

The good thing about dreaming big is that it allows you to fall short and yet still make a great deal of progress. Confucius once said “If you shoot for the stars and hit the moon, it’s OK. But you’ve got to shoot for something. A lot of people don’t even shoot.”

Dreaming big pushes you to heights you might not have ever reached otherwise. Imagine someone who pushes themselves to be an Olympic Gold medal athlete or head of a giant corporation. Such lofty goals will most certainly require a lot of work and achievement. Not everyone will make it, but imagine what good will come out of it.

As someone pursues their goals, they will push themselves to places they normally wouldn’t have dared even attempt . Someone who dreams of becoming a Gold Medal winner might reach as high as Silver or Bronze medal, but they also get to travel the world, meet new people, and master an art. As Confucius would say, these people didn’t reach the stars, but they still hit the moon. And that is still a great achievement in and of itself.

Dream: It is the blueprint of life

A person who does not dream, does not create a life of splendor, for the dreams are what create the life. Without the dreams, the life is rather dull and boring. Yes, you aren’t disappointed…or are you? Isn’t everyday a disappointment when you are doing the same thing over and over and there is no spark, no pizzazz, no Oooomph!

Dreams are the creation tool for our life. How else to say it? Have you read The Secret? While not everything is included in the book, it is a good start on how to create the life you want and it starts with believing and dreaming. If you look out over your life and you are not happy with it, then you need to start dreaming. If you are depressed or just plain unhappy then you need to dream. What have you got to lose? You have what you have and the only place to go is up!!!! Dream Big!

“Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.” – C.S. Lewis

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Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you? Do you know? Are you your job? Are you your hobbies? Are you a mother, daughter, son, or husband? Does that define who you are?

Are you the mask you put on each day? What mask you say? You know, the mask you put on each day! The person you show to the world. The person who gets up, makes breakfast, goes to work or school. Does a good job at work or school. Drives home every day, makes dinner. Laughs at people’s jokes, forwards emails, and writes on face book.

All the while there are different thoughts going on in your head. I am willing to bet that the mask of a person is just a shadow. A shadow of the real you. Partly who you are, but limited by social acceptance, by our “up bringing”, our rules, our fears!  We don’t really show the world who we are because we are afraid. Afraid of what? Afraid of other people’s opinions. These things bind and constrict us. We are stiff and unbending. And we are unhappy.

We put on the mask every day, but somewhere deep down inside there is a deep longing for something more. Something better. We don’t know what it is, so we go on pretending. And even while we go about our day, presenting our “selves” to the world, we are pretending that we are happy and everything is okay, there is a little voice that says, “What the heck are you doing”? “When will I be happy?” “Who am I really?”

 In an attempt to figure out how to be happy some people read books, lots of books. Some read self-help books, spiritual books, craft books, sports books, voodoo books, romance novels and magazines. Other people just immerse themselves in television, the internet, crafts, hobbies or sports. We are all just going on with life as if everything is hunky dory, but deep down, if we are honest with ourselves, we aren’t happy. The good news is that we aren’t alone in this predicament. We all put on a good front, a good “mask”. We are all on this path towards finding ourselves.

The even better news is that some people have found their peace, their acceptance, their “selves”. It is possible. It is achievable. My goal is to assist you in finding yourself. We all deserve to be happy! We all deserve to be real!

There are myriads of books out there to help us in this goal. I have read through lots and lots of them. I have tried every e-book around. I was always looking and looking and looking for this elusive happiness, this elusive “something”. Most of these books are great and good and wonderful. I have loved every minute of my search. But that is me. I like to read and search this stuff out. I know my children…. You just want to know how to do it.

This blog is an attempt to consolidate years of research. To share some of the things that I feel are important. The articles will be concise and to the point. There will be no fluff and stuff. This is my rendering of what I have learned. My contribution to you, in my own words. The ultimate goal is to assist you in finding yourself, your true self, your happiness.

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So, Why ARE we here?

Why are we here?

There are many opinions out there as to why we are here on this earth. What is our purpose? Is there a purpose?

In this day and age we are a nation on autopilot. We go to work. Passively sit at a desk all day. We groggily drive home. Robotic, we sit and watch TV. We pop our TV dinner in the oven and wait for it to cook. Or we open a myriad of boxes, dump them in water, stir for a few seconds and voila….dinner. We spend an hour or 2 with the kids doing homework before we stagger off to bed to get a few hours sleep before we have to do it all over again.

Drug use and crime is at an all time high. Gangs roam our streets making people afraid to go out at night. Children are shooting other children at school. Even our malls and shopping centers aren’t safe to visit any more. A simple act of watching a movie could turn out deadly.

More and more people are overweight. More and more and more people are on anti-depressants. Even more people remain undiagnosed. That doesn’t even include all the other ailments that are also on the rise: cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, autism, chronic fatigue syndrome and that is just the beginning of the list.

The most physical work people do is on the week ends when we get out and do yard work and some of us make the kids do that. Some people do get out and go to the gym, some of us jog, some of us go boating or camping on the weekends….in the SUMMER! Some of us even make ourselves get out in the winter, we have discovered skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. But an overwhelming numbers of us just stay home. It is easier and cheaper. Some don’t have the energy, some just don’t have the money.

We are in all actuality a very bored society. What has happened to us? Where we always like this? Is there any hope for us? Are we doomed to this boring existence? As your mother is there anything that I can do to help you out of this “normal” life?

It breaks my heart to see you all so bored and depressed, watching television, playing video games or surfing the web, all day long. I don’t want this life for you. I have a greater vision for you. My vision for you includes you traveling, creating, finding your passions, discovering the peace, joy and contentment I know that live is supposed to bring us.

I discovered a long time ago that we are here to learn to be happy. That may seem like a very simple statement but when you start actually trying to do it, it becomes much more complicated than that. That is the main focus of this blog. All the articles in it will be a different angle on how to bring happiness into your life.

Happiness is our true state of being. Just look at a little child. The smallest things can make him laugh. That is the way we should all be. So comfortable with who we are, so confident in ourselves that we can laugh. Children laugh around 300 times a day and adults only laugh about 15 times a day or less. Adults use their brain to first comprehend humor and then laugh. Children’s laughter comes straight from the body and does not make use of any intellectual capacity of the brain. This clearly indicates that the source of laughter is within the body.

We have forgotten how to be happy. We get so caught up in the day to day hardships that we forget that life was meant to be lived. If we aren’t living…truly living…being happy everyday, then what is the point of life? I believe that we were meant to learn to be happy, to remember how to be happy. We start out happy, that is the way we are supposed to be, but somewhere along the way we lose it, probably due to our upbringing and society in general. I propose that we need to find this happiness and live our lives with it close to our hearts and never lose it again. This is the purpose of life, according to me.  🙂

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Dear Children,

I want to thank you for coming into my life and being with me on my journey. You are all a blessing and an inspiration to me. Your being in my life has taught me as much as I have taught you.
As you are coming into adulthood I have been noticing that somewhere along the way I didn’t teach you all I would have liked to have taught you. There seem to be some gaps in your life learning. I guess this happens to the best of us, but I soooo wanted to be able to teach you more than I have been able to do so up to this point. Since life gets in the way of a lot of teaching and learning moments I have decided to put down in writing all the things I think are important for you to know.
Remember that each of you is unique. You have a unique perspective on life. Do not give up this special outlook. Remember that what I have decided to believe in my life may not be what you end up believing in your life, but I will always love you, no matter what you choose to believe.
Throughout my life I have studied many books, magazines and website articles, not to mention all the programs I have downloaded, tapes and CD’s I have waded through, church sessions I have attended, retreats I have immersed myself in, and last but not least the day to day daily grind of learning things the hard way. We all learn as we go throughout our lives. That is inevitable. Life is the greatest experiment of all. Everyday we experiment with new things. We search for new answers, new ways to do things. We study our newly accumulated data and then we undertake new adventures. Our brain is just programmed this way. This searching and learning is something we have to do, but there is so much to learn that even in a whole lifetime of learning we could never learn it all.
In ancient cultures the older people were revered for their wisdom. It has become my belief that in our society we neglect the wisdom of the elders. Why? Think about it for a moment……all those years of learning, studying, growing. How much these people must have learned? Why do we in this society choose to ignore this vast storehouse of wisdom? I implore you children to listen to the wisdom of your elders, starting with me of course. “wink” “wink”….yes, you will continue to have to learn, but think about how much further along you would be if you could skip half of that learning because you learned it from someone else? You will have to still experiment with things, but learning from your elders can surely speed up your learning curve.
I am going to throw out some ideas for contemplation and change. Take them and mold them, meld them into something workable for you. These ideas are to spark excitement and move you off your couch. Without movement these ideas are no better than the television you are used to watching.

This blog will be letters to you, for you, and for anyone else who can benefit from the ideas I will put forth.

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